Women’s ceremonial shoe trends
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01 March 2022

Women’s ceremonial shoe trends

Women’s ceremonial shoe trends
We know that choosing the right shoes for a ceremony can be a real challenge. If you received an invitation to a ceremony, a special occasion, or you will get married, get inspired with our suggestions.

Elegance in High Heels

If you're looking for comfortable shoes, but don't want to abdicate the elegance of high-heeled sandals, thick-heeled sandals are a must-have.

The Camila model is an excellent complement for festive or casual-chic looks, due to its textures and shimmers and its silver and gold details. With a new cylindrical heel, this model is more youthful and contemporary. Walking in high-heels has never been easier.

Flat sandals: comfort above all

If the wedding is outdoors, in a rustic style or you are simply looking for the comfort of flat sandals for the ceremony, these suggestions are for you.

The Carol model presents a young aesthetic and the freshness of the summer. With geometrics, metallic details, toecap and square heel, this model is perfect for any casual look.

Medium heel sandals: versatility with glamour

If you prefer to avoid high heels, we present you with some suggestions for low heels. Equally sophisticated and will elevate your look, providing the comfort you need to appreciate any special occasion.

Enhance your femininity with the Valentina medium heel sandals model. Their timeless style is ideal to match your sophisticated feminine looks.

Sneakers, an edgy and stylish choice

May your wedding shoes be the perfect choice for you to enjoy every moment. Comfort will be the secret to looking fabulous on this most unforgettable day.

Break the rules and wear sneakers. We have a collection of options for all styles, from the most classic style to the most trendy. Get inspired!

For a more classic style, we suggest sneakers with small details. This suggestion is also ideal for weddings which are celebrated outdoors, where casualness and elegance mix perfectly. If you don't want to wear high heels but would like a little height, you can opt for wedge sneakers, our iconic Alice model is going to be your best choice.

Wedding bridal sneakers are a trend that came to stay and the result, apart from originality, is a combination of comfort and elegance.

With all our suggestions, hope that you have found the perfect pair of shoes to complement your ceremony look.

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