Terms and Conditions

Last updated: September 28, 2019

  • I - General conditions of sale

    This page contains the legal terms and conditions that regulate the website www.mlvshoes.com. Browsing this website implies acceptance of all provisions contained in this document. All product purchases made through the website are regulated by these general conditions and other instructions for use contained on the website. All guests are invited to carefully read these general conditions.
    In case you don’t wish to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you should refrain from making any purchase through the website www.mlvshoes.com. In case of doubt, Customers may contact the Customer Service through the form on the Contact page shown on the website foot or directly to the address customerservice@mlvshoes.com.
    The website www.mlvshoes.com is property of Manuel Lima Vieira, Lda enterprise, with headquarters at Rua da Granja nº 777, 4520-020 Escapães, Portugal, tax ID 502 100 494.
  • II - Availability

    MLV Portuguese Shoes® has the right to modify, at any time without notice and at its own discretion, the website content (prices and photos, for example). Any modification made will take effect on the date of its publication.

    The Terms and Conditions regulate the relations between MLV Portuguese Shoes® and Customers, in what concerns products purchases on this website.
    Customers may browse through this website, but in order to access sales services, it is essential that Customers have the necessary requirements that legally allow them to celebrate binding contracts, in accordance to Portuguese and Community Law.

  • III - Adulthood and Ability

    The customer can only enter into a product purchase agreement through the website www.mlvshoes.com stating that he is of legal age or emancipated, and has full capacity to exercise his rights and that all information from him provided is true and correct.

    In order to make payments, all Customers must have a valid email address and a bank account or the following credit cards to make the purchase: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.
    To place an order, it is mandatory that Customers fill in all the necessary data and accept Terms and Conditions. Until order is placed, Customers may change all data associated with his order at any time.

  • IV - Orders


    MLV Portuguese Shoes® has the legal right to accept or decline an order. The decision in made by MLV Portuguese Shoes® discretion. In case the order is not executed, Customers will be immediately informed by email.
    Confirmation of order entry is not a purchase contract, it is merely a proof that the order has been received by MLV Portuguese Shoes®

    MLV Portuguese Shoes guarantees satisfaction of all Customers when buying products through the online store www.mlvshoes.com or at any MLV Portuguese Shoes® distribution point.
    If you are not happy with your purchase:

    For further information you may always contact MLV Portuguese Shoes® directly to the email address info@mlvshoes.com.

  • V - Images

    MLV Portuguese Shoes® does not guarantee exact match between imagens on the website to final products, as these, being made of natural leather, are subject to slight variations in patterns and colors. Also take note that same images may appear to have different colors on screens of different devices, such as cellphones, computers and tablets, for example.

  • VI - Prices

    All prices shown on the website www.mlvshoes.com include taxes at the legal rate of the country origin (Portugal), for Portugal and European Union (EU).

    For other countries, prices mentioned on this website do not include additional taxes, duties or fees regulated by any other applicable laws. There for, Customers from these countries will have to foresee customs import costs, taxes and duties that may occur in the importing country.

    The products sale prices are set in euros (€) and any payments due by Customers must be made by this currency. All sale prices of products are as shown, unless there was an error or mistake on their application.

  • VII - Customers

     Customers who are defined as consumers under the Portuguese Law DL 9/2021 and who have entered into purchase and sale and/or service contracts have the right to resort to official entities to assist them in resolving any dispute relating to such agreements, without prejudice to their recourse to Courts.