Welcome to the MLV World

05 March 2020

Welcome to the MLV World

Every unknown journey begins with a risky step forward and a high dose of hope.

This is how Manuel Resende Vieira began his path when he created his footwear factory, back in the 60’s, and where MLV Portuguese Shoes still maintains its headquarters. Driven by the values he believed in and the ingenuity he had perfected, Manuel Resende Vieira could not have guessed how far his walk would take him.

Today, after many miles travelled without ever leaving Escapães, the land where the first pair of shoes was designed, the steps we continue to take are strong. They are taken with the same hope of those who know that they are on the right path. We look back at the past with the same enthusiasm with which Manuel Resende Vieira looked to the future and it seems like our journey has only just begun.

Let's go together to reach further

There is an old saying that states "if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go with someone". During the last years of activity we have realized that there is a slight variation to this saying, when the journey is made with someone - the right someone, that someone who completes us - everything becomes much more interesting.

After years of gathering experience and consolidating the brand in retail sales, we have asked many questions with the intention of finding the right ones, for they lead us towards the answers we are really seeking. There have always been some questions that overlap each other: what are our clients looking for? What characterises them? How can we improve our products, based on their experience?

It was with the intention of finding these answers that we held in 2019 our first MLV Open Day. This event became a milestone for our brand and it allowed us to take an important step closer to our clientes, gathering their much valued opinions towards our creativity.

2020: the year of the brand’s (r)evolution!

It was with this objective that the brand, in 2020, began a change of culture and paradigm with the intention of adapting itself to a new reality. It is essential to give continuity to all the greatness that has been created, always giving priority to the opinions of those who use our products.

Our latest news

New Communication and Marketing Department

Our new communication and marketing department, with a larger and highly specialized team, is more focused than ever towards our clients. We want to offer the best possible experience during the consumer journey, so everything we implement starts with your feedback.

Customer Service

Any questions? We are here to help you thru a simple phone call or a written message. On the other side you'll find an assistant ready to answer your questions or to clarify any of your doubts. Soon we will have our online chat available for an even more direct contact!

New Website

We have a brand new website! With a renewed image, totally optimized and intuitive navigation, it is now easier to purchase our brands products through our online store. Search our website for all our shoes, sandals, boots, sneakers, mules and our new line of bags and see them conveniently arrive at your doorstep. If you prefer to see them in person, you can continue to find our products in our usual points of sale.


Useful information, lifestyle content, how to combine your MLV shoes, promotions and much more. We know a lot about shoes and we love to share our knowledge with you. This is where you will find all ths information! Subscribe our newsletter or follow our blog to keep updated with all of our publications.

A commitment for the future

With a new decade, new commitments emerge. And this is a big one! New desires imply changes of old habits. This new MLV World breaks barriers, provides new experiences to its consumers, improves existing ones and tightens relationships.

We are closer to you and want to be even more so. Welcome to the MLV World!

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