Wedge Sandals Looks Inspirations
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16 May 2022

Wedge Sandals Looks Inspirations

Wedge Sandals Looks Inspirations
A wedge heel is an excellent option to elongate the silhouette and increase self-confidence. The heel platform ensures that the foot won't arch, providing greater comfort.

Being trendy doesn't have to mean giving up on comfort. Let's demystify the myth that wedge sandals are not an elegant choice.

Discover our collection of wedge sandals MLV Shoes, where elegance and timelessness are the predominant elements of this spring and summer season.

Inspirations for classic looks

Thanks to the ultra-light wedge and cushioned insole, all our models offer maximum comfort.

Let yourself be seduced by the Poly33 and Mila23 models, an idyllic choice for classic looks. Complement your look with skinny jeans or flared trousers. Wedge sandals also go well with short skirts or knee-length skirts. As well as elongate the leg and create the illusion that you're taller, they make you feel feminine and in total comfort.

Inspirations for romantic looks

Natural stones and maritime and fruity details, these applications will embellish your leg silhouette and enhance your feminine beauty, emphasizing your looks.

The Patty25 and Poly30 models are perfect for those who want to complement a casual-chic look or love a romantic touch. Combine them with long or midi dresses to get a perfect result both for walking around and for work.

Suggestions for irreverent looks

Be surprised by the Model Poly29 model. Irreverent and colorful textures are a trend this season.

Combining these models is very simple, choose basic clothes because the beauty is on you and on the sandals you wear.

Keep in mind that our shoes reveal so much about our personality. If you are a person with an attitude then this suggestion is for you!

Holiday look suggestions

Summer means warm weather, happiness, new sensations, and scents of the sea! But it also calls for a little time for us.

If you're already thinking about holidays, apart from the destination, you should also think about the looks to wear. Dresses and shorts are a practical and comfortable option to complement with wedge sandals.

The new Pilar model presents a young and bold design. The platform sole adds an irreverent look that, complemented with the stone details, will delight you this summer.

The braided details of the Patty model and wedges covered with braid inserts, present a perfect aesthetic for casual-chic and beach looks.

With all our suggestions, we hope you've found the perfect sandal to complement your look to shine this season.

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