Trends Women's Footwear Spring-Summer 24

06 March 2024

Trends Women's Footwear Spring-Summer 24

Trends Women's Footwear Spring-Summer 24

MLV Shoes’ new Spring-Summer 2024collection is a window into a future coloured by colours that reflect intense optimism!

The new collection is made up of a colour palette that exudes warm, approachable, calming and welcoming feelings while evoking a sense of dynamism and joy. All these characteristics are the true essence of the MLV Shoes woman.

Shades of green, pink, lilac, orange, yellow and blue fill a rich palette of strong and pastel colours. As a complement, the entire collection offers models in basic shades such as beige, white, black and camel.

This collection is composed of two themes: the vibrant colour theme Virtual Glow, which contrasts with the harmonious breeze of soft colours of the Nourishing Aura theme.

In the Virtual Glow theme, we present an aesthetic where irreverent details, youthful details and expressively striking colours dominate. In this colour palette we will find metallic sparkles, iridescent reflections, irreverent patterns and bold shapes. The geometric textures, the details in strips of intense and bright colours, the holographic MLV patterns, the cool nets that let the foot breathe, the details in nastro tape and the bold design, are the immense list of novelties that you will find in this new theme. Like a dazzling, playful and joyful sparkle, this theme inspires every woman to show her audacious inner essence!

In the Nourishing Aura theme, we encounter a pastel colour palette that reminds us of a softly coloured breeze. The magic of an evanescent dawn gives this theme a supernatural glow. Its colours take on diffuse and diluted effects in pastel tones. In this theme we find raffia, straws and natural textures, braided details, jean textures and sensitive embroidery, always in a delicate colour palette. This theme evokes an elegant and romantic attitude, where tranquillity and sweetness harmonise the daily life of the MLV Shoes woman.

This new collection is full of new models, surprising details and attractive designs. Ballet flats, a timeless classic, are back this season with a feminine charm and full comfort.
Discover the new MLV Shoes Spring-Summer collection!

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