Trends Women's Footwear Spring-Summer 23

08 March 2023

Trends Women's Footwear Spring-Summer 23

Trends Women's Footwear Spring-Summer 23
Like all years at this time with winter almost ending, it's time to think about the new season's arrival. The new MLV Shoes collection reflects the tendencies of the world, the metaverse / virtual reality and the search for well-being as lifestyle.

The metaverse is nothing more than living in the virtual world! Experiencing the virtual world, with sensations close to the real world and interacting with avatars as real people.

On the other side we can find a trend that walks in parallel with the previous one, it is called regenerative wellness by the fashion industry. This trend seeks a balance between technology and the nature of things in their purest state. 

All in all, the new year will be about diversity! 

Metallic colours are on trend 

The metallic trend launched at the end of 2022, and will be more frequently seen this year. Gold and silver come to mind straight away, but the bright color trend is coming in all sorts of other shades, from subtle deep blues to vivid purples. 

The range of cassia flat sandals present a very rich and vibrant colour palette, for those looking for originality. 

Flat heel shoes, like the Lea model, are back in 2023. A classic in all seasons and this spring-summer it is full of sophistication.

Women's moccasins that you cannot miss

Women's moccasins are flat, comfortable and elegant shoes.

The Raquel model will match beautifully with that trench coat on long spring days. With original applications and ultra-light sole that gives maximum comfort, the new Raquel model will be a perfect match to match any look.

Sneakers with attitude and maximum comfort

The new Benedita model is one of the great novelties in the range of woman sneakers. The sole of this model is very bold and creates a strong visual impact on any look. With an original design and vibrant textures and colours, it is one of the trendy models in the collection that will delight women who love boldness and being on-trend. 

The Aurea model is back! In light and sophisticated tones, this model presents a mesh texture that makes it easier for the foot to breathe all day long.  

Platform sandals are in vogue!

Platform sandals, as well as wedge sandals, started to become more famous in 2022. This year, this trend will be stronger than ever: no matter if you're tall or short, platforms will make you feel on top of the world. 

The Paula model, a new release in this collection, features a lightweight wedge sole and rope texture. This model comes in soca and sandal version, both perfect to complete bold looks. Another new model in the same range, is Manuela. With an ultralight sole and an irreverent look, it will be an excellent complement to any summer look.

With all our proposals, we hope you've found the perfect shoe to complement your spring summer look.

MLV Shoes – Walk With Grace

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