Trends in Women's Footwear Autumn Winter 2022

22 November 2022

Trends in Women's Footwear Autumn Winter 2022

Trends in Women's Footwear Autumn Winter 2022

The smell of coffee on a cold winter morning fills us with the expectation of a new cold season, full of delicious moments and experiences!

The detail of a warm knit, a scarf that adds to our look, the overlapping of textures and the bag that matches the shoes, make this season the most creative season of all, transforming our day-to-day into a real runway!

In this new collection, the colour palette unfolds in variations of bronze, brown, black, navy blue and taupe as essential and complementary colours to the winter wardrobe. Beige emerges as the comfort colour of casual-chic and kaki green as the irreverent colour for those who want to dare.

The textures of the new collection vary from the sophisticated fine textured croco, which you can find in our Chelsea ankle boots Lidia 27, to the unusual textures designs, braided and shiny textures in our flat ankle boots Telma10, always in the right dose and with all the glamour.

The Portuguese footwear brand MLV Shoes wants to be present on the runway of your life and invites you to meet the footwear trends for Autumn | Winter 22.

Moccasins and Military Style Boots are the Must Have of the Season

In this collection, you will discover sophisticated details, unusual textures, and original applications.

The women's military style boots, like the Raquel 08 model, feature delicate lace and a singular chain, in an irreverent style. Textured buttons and unique laces delight on the Raquel 03 and Raquel 07 models.

The Raquel 01 ladies' mocassins are distinguished by their elegant buckle and their unparalleled comfort thanks to their cushioned insole. This model is an excellent complement to work looks or classic-modern styles.

The Glamour of Portuguese Footwear

Cecilia women's high-heeled ankle boots are synonymous with elegance and feminine glamour for their original application, made by the MLV team with maximum care.

Our iconic Alice and Aurora wedge sneakers define a casual-chic style for women to the fullest, providing stability of gait, and their creative play of textures and glitter.

Feminine Irreverence

In this Autumn | Winter 22 collection, discover the new and irreverent line of Stella sneakers that create a bold style through their robust sole and their colour palette, textures and sparkles. The laces finish these models with uniqueness and statement!

This season's big novelties are the lace-up ankle boots of the Nicole range with an irreverent personality, which likes to be on trend and doesn't dispense with comfort. With a bold ultra-light sole and textures in shades of green, maroon and brown, they are the current fashion trend that will rejuvenate any silhouette.

Texan boots are still on trend this new season with their boho chic style and feminine embroidery. The Solange texan boot, with a medium heel, presents an excellent comfort and adaptation to the foot. Wear this model with some skinny jeans and a wide knit to feel the cosiness of the casual chic style.

Enter the MLV Shoes runway and let the glitter, textures and details of the women's Portuguese shoes finish your look with creativity and glamour.

MLV Shoes – Walk With Grace

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