Portugal Fashion 47th Edition

19 October 2020

Portugal Fashion 47th Edition

Portugal Fashion 47th Edition

Once more, MLV Shoes was present at Portugal Fashion, this time at the Shoes + Bags runway show last Friday at 19h00, in the Alfândega do Porto.

This is one of the reference events in the Portuguese fashion world and beyond, showing what best is made in the country and promoting professionalism, product quality and the Portuguese fashion industry.

In this runway show we unveiled a glimpse of the Spring/Summer21 collection.

Originality, exclusivity, personalised and handmade, are the key words of the MLV Shoes Spring-Summer 21 collection. We designed models and details, stitched and handmade by our team, with the utmost care and certainty that something truly unique and exclusive will be presented in this collection.

In this way, all the details tell a story of femininity and rare details. Botanical inspiration can be found in this collection, such as leaves and wood textures in green and natural shades. You will also find maritime-inspired details, such as whelks and mother-of-pearls.

The colourful applications, the feminine bows and the shimmering details are passionate and perfectly complement light and nude shades. The result is a perfect balance, like a work of art that can be worn.

At the same time, the richly textured materials such as croco and natural, perforated twines designed by our team, complete the design of the collection.

Comfort could not be spared and the entire collection has been developed with emphasis on medium/low heels, extra light soles and padded insoles to ensure maximum comfort.

Review here the highlights of the runway show!

Check out the reviews on Sapo Lifestyle: http://bit.ly/PortugalFashion_MLVshoes

Photography: Portugal Fashion and Ugo Camera

Video: Portugal Fashion

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