Open Day MLV

27 March 2020

Open Day MLV

OPEN DAY MLV: The turning point

MLV believes that good ideas come from perfect combinations and strong ties.

This is precisely what happened in January 2019 when we first opened the doors of our showroom and invited some of our followers to come spend part of the day with us.

During the event, we presented a new collection, listened to feedback in first-hand, observed reactions, fostered the exchange of ideas, and organized some activities where consumers had the opportunity to actively participate in defining a new collection.

The enthusiasm we saw in our followers aligned with ours and broke us free from our most unconscious fears. That day the idea that was already growing within us, took on other proportions, and defined the evolutionary leap that was missing to make MLV Shoes even closer to its followers!

It was also very revealing because it was at this moment that we decided that we needed to do more!


OPEN DAY MLV: The 2nd Edition

We continued this approach and in January 2020, we created the 2nd Open Day MLV edition.

In a relaxed atmosphere, we received in our showroom 18 of our followers who had the privilege of seeing beforehand the new Autumn-Winter 20/21 footwear collection. We also gave them the opportunity to try on the recently launched Spring-Summer footwear collection and to feel in their own hands our new line of handbags.

There was a contagious enthusiasm in the air and a curiosity present in everyone's face. The expectation of what was to come was great and we set out to discover it guided by the creative mind of our Visual Thinker.

Our goal? To understand the real needs of our followers and consumers so that we can accompany them in their daily lives. We want to offer the best quality materials, the most appealing and timeless models, without ever neglecting comfort.

Through small games we created a fantastic interaction between the MLV Shoes team and our followers. For us, it was exciting to witness all the small gestures and smiles that our products convey.

We were attentive to every comment and every suggestion so that we could continue to develop collections that increasingly meet the needs of our consumers. It is through this interaction that we create bonds, grow together and achieve perfect harmony.


OPEN DAY MLV: What marked us

Knowing that what we create conveys emotions in our consumers is the essence of our brand. We want to accompany you on the day you put on high heel shoes for the first time, on the day you meet the love of your life for the first time, on the day you take your child to school for the first time, and on every other day of your life.

We know that being a woman is synonymous of versatility, elegance, compassion and strength. Therefore, we wish to accompany you on your daily journey. It is for you that we create all our products, from our line of bags to all our lines of shoes: sneakers, shoes, sandals, boots and mules.

We want you to feel confident and elegant every day and we want MLV Shoes to enable the splendid beauty of each woman's uniqueness. Thank you for allowing MLV Shoes to accompany you!

#walkwithgrace #mlvshoes

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