New Autumn-Winter Collection 20/21

18 September 2020

New Autumn-Winter Collection 20/21

New Autumn-Winter Collection 20/21

Mid-season looks (Autumn)

Now that summer is over, it's time to welcome autumn, the super charming season of brown, yellow and red tones.

The falling of the leaves and the shorter days do not necessarily have to be synonymous of melancholy. Quite the contrary!

There are so many good things in the autumn and sometimes we forget them. It's time for roasted chestnuts, spending more time in the comfort of your home, firing up the fireplace and enjoying more movies.

The most charming aspect of this season is the possibility to combine looks with coats, jackets, raincoats and at last we can wear those ankle boots that we love so much and that provide us with an unmistakable style.

The new Autumn-Winter 20/21 collection by MLV Shoes is dedicated to the Casual-Chic universe. It brings with it great novelties in shoes, sneakers, ankle boots and boots so that you can start the season in great style, always with maximum comfort assured. Bold and rich in tasteful details that arouse attention, you will find sophisticated details, bold textures combined with excellent quality materials and production techniques.

In this new collection, we reintroduce accessories that will complete your look: bags and backpacks.

Check out our suggestions and tips on how to combine the different items that we propose for autumn.

Croco Effect

The crocodile skin effect follows the animal print trend that came to stay and looks great with any look. Super easy to combine, the crocodile texture is very versatile for both classic and sporty looks.

In this style you will find in the new collection the Diva derby shoes, the Rafaela medium heel ankle boots and the Bruxelas crossbody bag, the latter available in camel.

If you like a more sporty style, you will enjoy our Aurea sneakers in a croco camel colour and with a super lightweight sole, you won't even feel them on your feet!

Beige tones

Autumn is the season of warm colours, and the beige shade combines with all of them.

In the new Autumn-Winter collection you can find several models in beige that complement different styles, such as the Viviana medium heel ankle boots, or the Cecilia high heel ankle boots. For the elegant and bold woman, the Laura ankle boots are an excellent choice.

You can also choose the Alice inner wedge sneakers, an icon of our brand. With their usual quality, the Alice sneakers are very comfortable and, due to the extra height of the inner wedge, you will feel taller without anyone noticing! 😉

Black with gold, the perfect combination.

The black tone is a fundamental element. For this new Autumn-Winter collection we propose a new combination of this basic everyday shade. To lighten this dark shade we have added the glamour of the golden shade. The Rafaela40 and Rafaela22 ankle-boots are two basic and irreverent items that add the right glamour to your style.

The Rafaela ankle boots and the Granada feminine backpack are the perfect pair for your daily casual-chic look.

Animal Print

In the continuity of this trend, you will also find in thenew Autumn-Winter collection a selection of footwear models and accessories.

With a relaxed and sporty style in mind, we created the Alice sneaker set with the Bruxelas bag. In darker shades, animal print texture and a subtle touch of red, this set rejuvenates any wardrobe.

We still have a lot more to show you! We have prepared a bold collection that will surprise you. Stay tuned to our publications on social networks and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with all the novelties we have prepared for you.

The tricky part will be choosing your favourites...

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