How to match heels with everyday looks
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23 June 2022

How to match heels with everyday looks

How to match heels with everyday looks
Summer has arrived so invitations to parties and ceremonies too, but even without a special occasion, nothing should stop us to shine and be gorgeous.

Elegance and comfort are what we all look for when we choose heel sandals.

Did you know that the more closed the sandal, the shorter the skirt or dress should be to harmonize with your silhouette? Curious ...

Discover our models and get inspired by our tips for matching high-heeled sandals with the look of the day.

High Heel Sandals

Thick or round heels are perfect for those who want to walk in maximum comfort. They are easy to match day-to-day looks as well as more festive ones.

If you're looking for this type of heel, the Camila model is perfect for you.

Its cushioned insole will allow you to dance all night long with maximum comfort. If you haven't had a chance to try on your sandals before the ceremony, we recommend using self-adhesive gel pads. The special surface and cushioning of the forefoot ensure a firm grip and prevents pain.

Have you ever thought of matching high heels with bell-bottom trousers? This classic is on trend this season.

Mid Heel Sandals

Medium-high heel sandals are seen as a more versatile solution to the high heel model. These are the most popular heels among women, for their comfort and because they match perfectly with more formal looks.

This season is bold and try out some bright colours. Life requires lightness and colour!

This season pink, green and orange colours are the trend of the moment. Looking to be bolder? Opt for monochromatic looks, where you can play with shades and textures. In this more minimalist style, the secret is to choose the colour you like the most that suits your profile.

Golden Sandals

If you purchased a gold sandal for a ceremony, know that it is possible to match it with day-to-day looks.

Golden heeled sandals have the power to enrich and transform any basic look. As an example, complement with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

How to care for your golden sandal? At MLV you will find a wide range of accessories and products that help you take care of all your favourite footwear.

To care for your sandal we recommend the product Carbon Pro. A high-tech and efficient protective spray. It acts as a sprayable membrane, providing long-lasting protection against moisture and dirt.

With all our suggestions, we hope you've found the perfect sandal to complement your look to shine this season.

MLV Shoes – Walk With Grace

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