Footwear for Women Spring 2023 looks
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20 March 2023

Footwear for Women Spring 2023 looks

Footwear for Women Spring 2023 looks

As the days are getting longer, it's about time to say: want the warm spring sunshine days. What to wear in this weather?

We present some suggestions of looks to impress during this new season.

Spring loafers looks

Women's moccasins are a "must have" in your wardrobe for any season of the year, because it allows you to create many different styles of looks.

For those who are looking for a more casual look, just wear loafers with jeans or chinos. For a slightly more formal look, but with comfort, you can wear the loafer with a blazer.

For warmer and lighter days, a colourful loafer is the perfect choice! Colourful shoes add joy, style and personality to your look.

The moccasin with skirt gives a very feminine and romantic look, perfect for day-to-day look.

Dresses with moccasins are very elegant and harmonious. It is an excellent alternative for warmer days, for example.

Practical and versatile, the Raquel12 women's moccasin is the perfect choice for a a stylish and comfortable look.

How to match sneakers with your style

It's easy to combine looks with women’s sneakers.

Sneakers with a touch of colour transform any basic look or a Casual Chic look, without thinking too much.
For a more romantic style, we suggest matching sneakers with dresses, skirts or a jumpsuit. Round, midi or high-waisted skirts look great on a more classic model of sneakers.

White sneakers add delicacy to the look and are super trendy, so abuse it!

More charming than ever, the Angela21 women's sneakers as elegant textures in white and green leather. Experience the comfort it provides as you walk.

Mules are the most desired shoes of spring

The most desirable shoe before Spring arrives. That time when we are not yet excited to wear open sandals that show our toes.

Women's mules go well with jeans or a colourful summer dress,  can be also matched Bermuda shorts or jeans.

Made from soft leather and with a minimalist design, the Lea 59 mule shoe will ensure a comfortable and elegant look.

High heel shoes vs Flats

Women say that flat shoes are trending and that will put high-heeled shoes in the corner.

That won't happen again after discovering MLV Shoes most comfortable range of  high-heeled shoes.

To prove this, we present the new stiletto from the collection spring-summer MLV Shoes, Luisa model. A sophisticated heel, with a wide range of colours, vibrant tones, gold and silver.

Flat heels for women are increasingly on trend and becoming a bestseller for MLV Shoes.

The flat heels look good with on dresses and trousers. Ideal for looks to work as well as for a casual meeting with friends.

If you're still in doubt  between a flat or high heel, our suggestion is that you should get both. From the same look you can switch shoes and be ready for a different occasion.

The Lea64 shoe has exclusive applications handmade by the MLV Shoes team, which makes this shoe an essential piece for women who loves originality. A palette of original colours and geometric applications and delicate embroidery that will perfectly complete casual-chic looks.

We hope you have enjoyed all our proposals.

You can find the entire collection at the online shop, flagship shop MLV at Lisboa, or in dozens of point sales near you.

MLV Shoes - Walk With Grace

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