Circular Economy for Footwear - Sell 1 Buy 1 Project

06 April 2021

Circular Economy for Footwear - Sell 1 Buy 1 Project

Circular Economy for Footwear - Sell 1 Buy 1 Project

The growing concern about the sustainability of our planet and the acclamation of nature as the most precious asset of humanity, led MLV Shoes to join the program Sell 1 Buy 1, by White Stamp.


We embrace the concept of the circular economy of fashion, to enhance the consumer's shopping experience, making the resale model convenient and affordable, within the brands of their consumption routine.


The proposal: to connect the first-hand market with the second-hand market. Consumers can sell their used fashion items to finance purchases of new products at participating brands. In turn, the items sent to White Stamp are reintroduced into the market, as second-hand goods, promoting their reuse.


The objective is clear: to reduce the volume of valuable items lying around in wardrobes, in good condition, increasing their useful life span. In this way, not only do we acquire value, but we also contribute to the reduction of textile waste and consequently reduce the pressure on our planet's resources.


To access the White Stamp Sell 1 Buy 1 programme, simply click on the link in the main menu.


After filling in the article registration fields, you will receive an automatic evaluation that determines the value/quote of the article you have submitted. If you accept it, you can send the articles for free (all explained during the process on the White Stamp website) and the credit is automatically available to use as a discount on any adherent brand.


All items sent by customers will then be reintroduced to the market through specialised second-hand clothing partners, with the aim of extending their useful life cycle, thus reducing the pressure on our planet's resources.


To earn shopping credits, all you have to do is send White Stamp a used, but in good condition, designer piece, which will be converted into a promocode.


You can watch a short video that demonstrates exactly how to sell or how to use the earned credit.

It is extremely simple and will only take a little over a minute.


If you want to learn more about this programme you can view the MLV page on the White Stamp website or visit the White Stamp Facebook page.


Join MLV Shoes in this movement for the sustainability and circular economy of fashion.

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