Are you looking for ceremony shoes for your next party?

19 March 2023

Are you looking for ceremony shoes for your next party?

Are you looking for ceremony shoes for your next party?

Whether it's a wedding or christening, a cocktail, sunset or birthday, at MLV Shoes you will find the perfect shoes for every occasion.

To complete your look elegance is desired, but also to ensure that the ceremony shoes are comfortable enough to withstand all day.

Metallic Ceremony Sandals are the trend

At a time when there is an increasing focus on versatile ceremony looks to adapt to daily life, the choice of footwear will also follow this selection criteria.

If you have a ceremony in the near future, know that the current trend is the metallic coloured ceremony sandals.

The metallic sandal models come in various forms and styles, first of all opt for a heel that values the clothes that you're wearing.

For looks with an expressive pattern or a strong colour, the ideal will be to combine it with black or nudeceremonial sandals.

Combining comfort with elegance in the Ceremony Shoes

Gone are the days when, to be stylish and wear a more elegant outfit, you had to suffer with uncomfortable footwear. Nowadays comfort is in fashion and you can perfectly go to an event more or less casual with some comfortable party shoes.

Ceremony shoes with a lower heel, finished in a point and without heel are a trend. A very versatile option for both day and evening ceremonies.

Gold sandals for party looks are a classic

A look with gold sandals is a classic for party looks, because the colour helps to add a glow to the look, creating a sophisticated atmosphere.

It's not only at parties that gold sandals can be successful, this classic adapts to casual looks.

A suggestion, combine with looks in solid colours, prints and several other possibilities!

Silver sandals

The hue of the chosen outfit can be any: white, black, a strong colour or even an irreverent pattern. One of the advantages of silver sandals is that it matches with everything, really everything.

Besides the shine and elegance of silver sandals, the shape of the heel will make your look more sophisticated and stand out.

Have you already chosen your favourites? If the challenge is choosing, contact us, we will be pleased to help you and to present you with the best suggestions.

Discover our collection through our online shop, MLV Shoes Lisbon shop and points of sale.

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