Alice 85, Our Ecological Sneaker

17 March 2021

Alice 85, Our Ecological Sneaker

Alice 85, Our Ecological Sneaker

We take care of you and of our planet


Thinking of you who accompany us on this journey of life, our team is aware of the urgency of contributing to a greener world. We understand the true meaning of social and environmental responsibility. For us, it means a commitment to life, whichis why the ecology of what we produce is currently a major concern within the entire MLV Shoes team.

We seek the path of developing more environmentally friendly products, where the reuse of materials and the consumption of ecological raw materials are currently our focus.

Alice 85, our green footprint!

TheAlice85 sneaker was designed so as to include new recycled and ecofriendly materials, in our selection of materials. So the new Alice was born, a sneaker that due to its percentage of eco-friendly materials, is our first contribution to a greener footprint.


The colour palette is a natural consequence of the wood and cotton tones, resulting in a sophisticated play of colours in various beige tones.


In this sneaker you will find a perfect combination between different materials, such as recycled wood, recycled cotton and bio-materials. The vegan materials, of non-animal origin, present in details such as the lace, the eyelets, and the lining, complete the composition of the sneaker.

In a white shade, the Bio Island material, although apparently simple, is a material produced from plants and other edible agricultural products, sea and forest materials, thus being an excellent alternative to traditional products derived from oil. This type of product reduces dependency on oil, increases the use of renewable agricultural resources and contributes to the reduction of negative effects on the environment and human health.

The subtle wood texture of Madera Recycled material is composed of 57% recycled wood and 43% cotton, providing a perfect complement to the other materials.


The composition of the sole also obeys this environmental concern, since its composition includes small particles of cork waste.

At MLV Shoes we believe that with the efficient use of resources and materials, we reflect our vision for the future, our respect for the planet, for humanity, for future generations and for ourselves.


We are on the right track, we count on you!

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