6 types of shoes to wear at work
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08 November 2021

6 types of shoes to wear at work

6 types of shoes to wear at work

The power that a shoe can have in the workplace should never be underestimated!

The truth is that people truly notice what we wear and this is particularly true in the workplace.

Wearing a certain type of footwear at the wrong time can convey a wrong idea of our true capabilities. For example, if we work in a law firm and we choose to wear sneakers to work, or even to a trial, we run the risk of revealing an image of sloppiness or unprofessionalism.

On the other hand, if we teach in a school or college, constantly walking from classroom to classroom and are wearing a stiletto with thin high heels, in addition to getting worn out quickly, we may give the impression that we are unpractical.

We believe this blog post can be an essential aid to uncomplicate the start of your day by helping you choose the ideal type of footwear for your workplace.

Discover below the 6 most suitable types of shoes to wear at work.


Loafer shoes

This type of shoe is often mistaken for a moccasin, but it has some differences that make it more aesthetically elegant. Its sole is similar to that of a derby shoe and has a cleaner look without fringes or laces.

Loafers are characterised by their comfort and practicality, with a single leather strap on the instep and no laces.

Ideal for wearing in meetings and in the classroom.


High Heels

High heeled shoes convey an elegant and eye-catching look.

A woman in high heels shoes gains attitude, attracts the attention of the room and this gives us the confidence and motivation to face the working day with a different mindset.

However, you should avoid wearing heels that are too thin, as they do not offer the stability or security when walking. Too high heels should also be avoided in the workplace because we want to draw attention in a subtle way.

Ideal for wearing to a trial or project presentation.


High Heeled Ankle Boots

In the colder seasons, we will always look good wearing high heeled ankle boots. In addition to transmitting the same message as heeled shoes, these have the advantage of keeping our feet warmer, providing even more comfort.

Ideal to use in meetings and in the office.


Medium Heel Ankle Boots

Ankle boots with medium heels can be very practical, elegant and easy to combine with the clothes in your wardrobe.

They are non-compromising and can be worn in more formal or more relaxed work environments.

Ideal to be worn in the office.


Flat Ankle Boots

Flat ankle boots are very practical for those who have to move from one place to another during the working day.

They keep our feet warm and protect us from humidity on rainy days, as long as they are made of leather and have some degree of impermeability.

In all our collections, you will find flat-heeled ankle boots with details and features that add glamour and a differentiating touch to your look.

They are ideal for salespeople that are constantly out of the office when visiting clients.



Sneakers are the least consensual and the most risky of all, because even if they are sophisticated and elegant, there are always those who do not look favourably on the use of this type of footwear in the workplace when it is a very formal environment.

However, if your workplace is more casual, and requires a little more movement, MLV sneakers are perfect for you. Besides being comfortable and uncomplicated, they are made from top quality materials and give a more casual (not to be confused with slouchy) and contemporary look.

Ideal for shopkeepers and hairdressers.


You can find the entire collection in the online shop or in several points of sale near you.

MLV Shoes - Walk With Grace

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