5 MLV gift ideas for Valentine Days
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31 January 2022

5 MLV gift ideas for Valentine Days

5 MLV gift ideas for Valentine Days

That day is approaching, that as much as it is to be celebrated as a couple, it is more intensely experienced by the woman. Valentine's Day...

Finding the right valentine's day gift for her is always a challenge. This article was written in order to present our suggestions of elegant and versatile Portuguese shoes. Our models aren't designed for one specific type of style, but for women who have their own style, personality, attitude, and way of being in life.

Does your partner fit in these characteristics? Then  MLV Shoes is the right choice!

Check out all the suggestions for valentine's day gifts we have chosen to help you find the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

Flat Heel Ankle Boots

MLV's flat heel ankle boots are designed to provide the ideal comfort in daily lives. They are the perfect choice to match with a Bohemian and urban fashion style. For women who seek simplicity combined with a touch of elegance.


Mules shoes for women remain a trend, and a must-have for the arriving new season  Spring-Summer 2022. The ideal gift for a fashion trendy lover! A perfect combination between elegance and timelessness, with an excellent adaptability to any foot.


The new line of MLV Portuguese bags is the perfect complement for the models in the collection! Shoes always request a complement. And don't fool us... We know how often you ask her to keep your mobile phone or your wallet. Versatile and original, with elegance and irreverence in the right measure, to complement any outfit.

Alice Sneakers

Alice model in sneakers for women is the best seller MLV Shoes. Excellent walking support, with a timeless design to accompany you every day. Perfect choice for women who love versatility and comfort.

Andreia Sneakers

The Andreia sneakers for women have a bold design and a young and irreverent aesthetic. Designed for all women looking for a bold statement, passionate about colour, sparkles and textures.

Still in doubt? You can always browse our entire collection in our online shop or contact our Customer Support to assist you in choosing the perfect gift for that very special person you love so much.

MLV Shoes wants to always be your favorite brand of Portuguese shoes, combining style and comfort, always ensuring the quality that is characteristic of the Portuguese footwear.

Happy Valentine's day!

MLV Shoes - Walk With Grace

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