MLV SHOES is a Portuguese brand that create, produce and sell footwear for three generations, providing its retail costumers, all over the Europe, exclusive products made with leather and superior quality materials, with high standard of comfort, at fair prices.

Our History

Manuel Lima vieira, borned in Escapães, Santa Maria da Feira, started working on footwear production with his father in the early 70's, guides by the passion for the work. At the center of the Portuguese footwear industry, it maintains its headquarters, that received from the previous generation, in the same place where it has worked always, and intends to continue working.

With the accumulated experience, materialized in the success of the shoes that he develops and produces, dictates the foundation, in 1989, of the company with his name, Manuel Lima Vieira lda. In 2008 with his son Pedro, he created the "MLV Shoes" brand with the same values that always guided him.

Today, in the third generation of the family and still in Escapães, exactly in the same place where Father developed his first pair of shoes in the distant 60's of last century, the teachings and values remain, making "MLV Shoes" a solid national brand with eyes on the world.
Portuguese Footwear - Shoes for Women


Construction of the headquarters in Escapães.

High-Quality Shoes Production - MLV Shoes


The first pair of shoes sold by Manuel Lima Vieira's father.



Manuel Lima Vieira begins to work in the footwear production with his father.



Creation of the company Manuel lima Vieira Lda.

Portuguese Footwear Production | MLV Shoes


The son Pedro begins to work in the company.
We sell to around 50 customers in Portugal.



Creation of the brand MLV Shoes.

Portuguese Footwear Brand | MLV Shoes


Development of the first exclusive MLV style.

Portuguese Footwear | MLV Shoes


Implementation of a new strategy for the brand.
Development of exclusive collections.
We sell to around 250 customers in Portugal.



Redesign of the brand's Visual Identity.

MLV Portuguese Shoes - High-Quality Footwear


 Conclusion of construction works to adapt and expand headquarters.

Portuguese Shoes - Sandals, Ballet Flats, Ankle Boots and Boots


Portuguese Shoes - Sandals, Shoes, Sneakers, Ballet Flats, Ankle Boots and Boots
  • The experience of doing well and the constant search to do better;
  • The combination of international fashion trends with the real needs of our customers;
  • The built of lasting relationships and mutual learning with our clients;
  • The excellence of materials and the preservation of traditional Portuguese manufacture;
  • The use of new digital communication technologies and the understanding of their impact on the publicity of our products;
  • The marketing of quality footwear, exclusive and comfortable design at fair prices.


The MLV Portuguese Shoes collections are the result of a combination of joint efforts. More than the development of new products, each collection ensures the continuity of what worked better in the previous one.

The close contact with our customers ensures that the adjustments are duly made and the new ideas areimplemented. It also ensures that the new materials and styles, which we are constantly looking for, are incorporated into the spirit of each new collection. This way, there is continuity of the brand in all the MLV Portuguese Shoes collections, full of innovation that results in exclusive quality styles, meeting our customers needs.
Portugues Shoes - Shoes for Women
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